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Birdathon: when birding is for the birds!

Thanks for visiting my page! 

Just as birds prepare for nesting season in spring, I prepare for taking part in Audubon Society of Portland’s Birdathon.

This year I will do two trips:

1)On May 1st, I will lead The Morning Doves (an open-sign-up team of 6) on a sunrise walk at Cooper Mountain Nature Park.

2)On May 2nd, I will join Backyard Bird Shop’s team,The Re-Tail Hawks, for a full day of birding. We’ll begin in Portland and bird our way west to Cannon Beach, then up to Seaside and over to Fort Stevens.

My personal fundraising goal is to raise $600 for our birds.

I would love to have your support as a pledge sponsor!

No pledge donation is too BIG or too small!

All pledges add up to make a difference for our native birds!

Sponsors can pledge a fixed amount ($1, $5, $10, $50, $100 or ??) OR go the risky route of making a per species pledge.Why is this risky? While I would like to think I’ll find 140+ bird species after combining my two trip lists (counting any given species only once, of course). Be aware! Luck and weather can influence my count –bringing it well below or above my target.

What’s in it for YOU as a pledge sponsor?

• Your donation is tax deductible

• You will have the satisfaction of helping birds and wildlife through Portland Audubon's wildlife education, conservation and rehabilition programs. (visit http://audubonportland.org/about for more details)

Introductory memberships are available with a pledge of $35 or more. Existing members can renew memberships with a pledge of $35 for individuals or $45 for family memberships.

• and last, but not least, you will receive my trip report, which includes TALL TALES and PHOTOS from my trips as well as A LIST OF ALL THE SPECIES I FOUND.

BY WHEN DO I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU? Ideally before May 1st. But if you must procrastinate, I will need to have all our pledge donations in by June 1st.

I hope I can count you in my flock of Birdathon Pledge Sponsors! 

For the love of birds,


My fundraising goal: $600
$780 raised so far,   CONGRATULATIONS!

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